Are you stuck? Do you feel restless in your life? Are you having difficulty in starting relationships or maintaining them? Do you want more out of life? Tired of feelings of sadness, anxiety, fear, or anger? You are absolutely not alone. All of us, as human beings, feel this way at some time or another on this journey we call life.

There are two pieces of good news here. 1) You are on this website seeking help. 2) There is hope.

 When you are feeling lost, confused, or overwhelmed, one of the best solutions is working with a professional who can help you make sense of a world that can seem very chaotic and out of control. The journey through life can be difficult, but it doesn’t have to be walked alone.

I invite you to browse through this website and get a small feel for who I am and how I provide psychotherapy services.  Then feel free to call, email, or book a free initial consultation phone call through the button on the right.  It could be the first small step toward living a more productive and fulfilling life.